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Uncertainty is a petite stochastic gate processor and occult eurorack platform. You send in a gate or trigger (it doesn't care) and it'll probably come out of the top outlet. Like, above 90% chance. Probably. If you'd like more uncertainty then chooser a lower outlet. There are eight of them

That's it. Eight weighted coin-tosses to add some uncertainty to your life.

Want four weighted coin-tosses where you get different gates for both heads and tails? Just invert your gate before sending it into Uncertainty. An attenuverter will do the job. If you adjust the level of your inverted gates between -1V and -5V you can sway the odds of the four coin-tosses.

Uncertainty uses 53ma on the +12V rail plus 9-10ma per gate that is being sent out at any given moment. Alternative firmware may draw more (or less current).

2HP and 42mm deep

Uncertainty on ModularGrid

Uncertainty Manual (PDF)

Designed, engineered, and developed by Olivia Artz, Kate Artz, and Eris Fairbanks.

Featuring artwork by Marcy

Based on an idea by Aaron Taylor-Waldman that was inspired by Émilie Gillet’s work.

Special thanks to Morgan and everyone else on the OAM private chat server.

Power cable
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